Head fraction of etyl alcohol

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Our company start selling new product Head Fraction of ethyl alcohol
Uses in perfumery industry, production of cosmetic products, production of glass washer, paints etc. Appearance – transparent liquid
Color – colorless
Taste and smell - characteristic of etheres and aldehydes
Volatile proportion of ethyl alcohol at a temperature 20C, % - 93,7
The mass concentration of aldehydes in terms of acetic aldehyde in anhydrous alcohol – g/dm3 – 9,6 The mass concentration of higher alcohols (fuse oil) g/dm3 in anhydrous alcohol – 1,9
The mass concentration of esters in terms of acetic-ethyl ester in anhydrous alcohol, g/dm3 – 29,0 Volume fraction of methanol, % - 0,3
The mass concentration of free acids in terms of acetic acid in anhydrous alcohol, g/dm3 – 1,6
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